Heineck & Company Celebrates 20 Years In Atlanta Real Estate!


If you told me this month 20 years ago that I’d be a real estate veteran with a thriving business and effectively become a native Atlantan (at least that what I’m told, LOL), I’d say you were insane! I am still in awe that 20 years has passed, but more so, that Atlanta has been such an amazing place for my business to flourish, meet and work with incredible people, and bring me to my partner in life, Charlie.

This year, we celebrate 20 years in real estate, and to be frank, it would not have been possible without you, your trust and faith, and of course, your generous referrals. Heineck & Company has grown, shrunk, grown again, and morphed into what it is today with your help. 2017 was a banner year! We literally doubled our business and the number of businesses and families we were able to assist. It’s funny how the universe works— while our business skyrocketed, Charlie and I had more QT than ever, together and with friends and family. We are so grateful that the years of hard work in building a sustainable business, that truly is altruistic in nature while providing a life worth living, has paid off in spades. But—as Gary Keller (ranked #1 on the 2018 Swanepoel Power 200) says—no one succeeds alone. Which brings me to our “tribe.”

I literally would not be able to do what I love without the steadfast patience and outrageous talent of our team. They deserve more than just props, but at the very least, I want to give them a shout-out here!

Shellie Poole – Listing Team – Staging: Shellie’s design eye has helped our clients sell 80% faster and for more money than un-staged property. Leveraging what you already have to maximize your space is her specialty. I defer to her a lot. And based on the photos, closed sales, and testimonials, her strategy works.

Trevette Brown and Wesly Brown – Listing Team – Photography: Between the two of them, they have our listings covered!

Jennifer Natonio – Listing Team – MLS: Jennifer is the first on the scene once your listing is ready to “live” on the market. She makes sure that all the details are properly posted on our three MLSes and uploads photos and virtual tours within the bounds of the MLS.

Kristin Crawford – Listing Team – Marketing: Jennifer hands off the live listing to Kristin, who then launches the marketing plan, from maximizing property photos and descriptions on Zillow (MUCH more space to brag about your property!), to designing, printing and delivering the marketing brochure, to managing the social media postings to promote your property.

Lauren Allen – Buyer Team – Showing Partner: Lauren is instrumental in Heineck & Company’s ability to show you property when it comes available. As you know, one person cannot be in two places at once, so if I am already booked, Lauren will connect with you to set up showings to see properties you are interested in. Once you have narrowed it down to your top two or three, I head out with you. Lauren is an expert door opener.

Sonya Bayne – Closing Coordinator: Whether you are selling or buying, Sonya is the point of contact once you are under agreement. She keeps me sane, I tell you! With all the concurrent timelines during a contract-to-close period, Sonya keeps all parties on track, reminds you of what you need to be doing when, and where to be. Of course, you don’t want to miss your closing celebration!

Faye Negron and Erin Lopez – Office Administrators: Faye and Erin run the back office at Keller Williams, make sure that all contracts are in compliance (and out of “jail”), and process all earnest money checks, among other things.

Charlie Pollard – Closing Attorney: Charlie is an invaluable resource before, during, and after a closing. From scanning legal descriptions prior to taking a listing, to thoroughly answering your questions during a closing, to following up thereafter with the registered deed, Charlie makes sure all of our clients are covered.

Carrie Gable – Marketing: Carrie oversees all the marketing efforts for Heineck & Company, overall. She and her team design and produce the Heineck & Company Seller’s GuideHeineck & Company Buyer’s Guide, and InProperty Hardcover Story Books.

Kaitlyn Kirby – Marketing: Kaitlyn’s dedication to keeping the newsletter on schedule, as well as chock-full of engaging and relevant content cannot go without saying! She nudges me when I need to be nudged, and helps shape the messages we are bringing to you each month.

Honestly, it takes a village to run a rewarding business while delivering white glove service, and I am indebted to this one! I would be remiss if I did not mention Charlie. His unwavering support throughout the years has been and continues to be the bedrock of Heineck & Company’s existence. After all, they share the same name.

Our relocation partners are integral to delivering stellar service to you, your company and your family, so many thanks go out (in part) to:

  • Teela Gleason – SVP, Suddath Relocation Systems
  • Jennifor Acosta – President, Ace Worldwide Elite Relocation Services
  • Beth Hotze – Director, Oakwood Worldwide
  • Cara Pescho – VP, National Corporate Housing
  • Peggy Smith – CEO, Association of Workforce Mobility
  • Shawn Sweeney – SVP, Orion Mobility
  • Matt Canfield – SVP, Everbank
  • Eve Seib – President, OneSource Relocation
  • John Sculley – VP, RIS Consulting
  • Jean Strickland – President, Signature Source
  • Jon Hile – President, Lexicon Relocation
  • Scott Carroll – President, Odyssey Relocation
  • Joe Cardini – President, Bristol Global
  • Kenneth Flornes – Nectar Furnished Apartments, NYC
  • Bob Portale – President/CEO, ReloDirect

… just to name a few!

And having delved into some light commercial work over the past several years, I couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of:

  • Melinda Parrish Brumfield – Director, Bennett Pless
  • Jodi Borges – VP, VeenendaalCave        
  • Ann Cone – SVP,  CBRE
  • Sharon Milton – VP, Brighter Image
  • Maria Molise – Director, Weissman
  • Heather Brown – President, Brown Law
  • Sarah Evans – Global Furniture Group
  • Vanessa Manners – Director, Kimley-Horn
  • Dana McClure – Principal, Warner Summers
  • Steve Massell – President, Massell Commercial Real Estate
  • David Dixon – Managing Director, NAIBG

… just to name a few!

We’d love for you to be one of our 20th Anniversary clients! You can always reach out to me at jill@heineckandcompany.com to set up a call or meeting, or even to ask any questions. I’d be honored to assist!

Here’s to another fulfilling, happy, healthy year!


Jill Heineck
Associate Broker
Heineck & Company at Keller Williams Realty
Phone: (404) 418-9157
Email: jill@heineckandcompany.com

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