As a seasoned relocation professional, Jill has seen and experienced both a lack of relo know-how and unnecessary spend within many small to mid-size companies growing like weeds, making the relocation processes for their office moves expensive and futile. While your workforce may be smaller than say, UPS, your revenues may be $10M-$50M and rising, but you are challenged with finding local talent to support their soaring trajectory, so you must resort to hiring and relocating employees to meet your company’s growing needs. 

Jill meets with your senior HR team, senior Relocation team, or management, to do one or all of the following:

  1. Review/audit current relocation programs and provide recommendations, relocation-specific vendors, etc. 
  2. Make recommendations on the basic requirements for flexible and accommodating program, should your company not have a relocation process already in place.
  3. Provide benchmarking data to help formulate the best allocation of dollars for maximum return. 

With Jill’s experience comes a unique perspective on how companies can do better to leverage relocation programs for talent retention, and attraction. By positioning relocation programs as a pivotal part of workforce and succession planning, talent attraction and development becomes much more impactful on the bottom line, as well as creating employees for life. Thusturning plain old employee relocations into exciting events for the transferee, and extreme branding opportunities for the employer, by bridging the gap from personnel to personal.  

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