How to Compete Against Atlanta Cash Buyers This Spring


The Atlanta real estate market has only just begun to heat up for the busy months ahead and regardless if you’re a new or seasoned buyer, you will likely have some competition— cash buyers. Cash buyers do not have to secure financing and have virtually no hoops to jump through to close the deal, however that leaves those Atlanta buyers who do plan to finance their purchase left on the sidelines.

So how do you compete? As your local real estate experts in Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Roswell, or Sandy Springs, you can count on Heineck  & Company to help you make your offer stand out this spring and below are just a few ways to do so.

Don’t hold back
One way to show the sellers that your offer is just as good as cash is to be upfront about your finances. Allow your lender to release certain financial information with your offer, including your income, your bank account balances, and even your credit report. Not only does this demonstrate that you are able to purchase the home, but it gives the sellers peace of mind that the sale will ultimately go through.

Be timely
If you need to secure financing to purchase a home in Atlanta, don’t delay on submitting any of the necessary documents to your lender. Competing against cash buyers means you will need to be prompt and withholding information or failing to get signatures in on time will only slow down the process.

Move up the appraisal
Should a buyer choose your offer over a cash buyer, the next hurdle will be the appraisal. Depending on the area, some appraisers can get to the property in as little as two weeks. Ask your lender how quickly an appraiser can be sent, and if possible move up the timeline.

Move up the inspection
The inspection is just as crucial of a step in the buying process as the appraisal and a cause of worry for sellers— especially if they have a cash offer on the table in addition to yours. If you can have the inspection ordered within a few days after your accepted offer, the seller will likely feel more confident about their choosing your offer.

Include a personal letter
While this is no guarantee that the seller will choose your offer over a cash buyer’s offer, it couldn’t hurt to include if you don’t want to lose your potential dream home. In the letter, introduce yourself to the seller, tell them about your family, what you love about the home, why it’s perfect for you, and what your intentions are. This could be just the edge you need to trump a cash buyer!

The spring real estate market is just getting started! Contact Heineck & Company today for more information about available properties in the area and presenting your best offer!

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