Heineck & Company has a strong track record of helping singles, couples and families just like you, to gather the information needed to make an informed buying decision, or a strategic pricing and marketing decision when selling. As a Senior Certified Relocation Professional (SCRP), Heineck & Company supports and partners with many companies like AT&T, ADP, State Farm, and Kimberly-Clark and their third-party relocation management companies including Cartus, Graebel, WHR, and Altair. We are listed on virtually all relocation company broker-approved lists. We are added to new preferred lists every day, so if for some reason we are not listed, it is simple for us to be added. 

We provide the following individual relocation services and many more:

  • Public and Private school information
  • Childcare and Preschool information
  • Neighborhood information
  • Tours of Atlanta’s best areas/neighborhoods
  • Resources for cost of living comparison
  • Coordinate with your company & relocation company for a smooth transition

Jill also offers policy reviews. Many transferees don’t understand how the company’s policy will impact their purchase or sale decision. Jill will review it with a fine-tooth comb and evaluate the benefits to be sure they are adequate for the transferee and the transferee’s family’s needs. 

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