What Not to Do When Staging Your Metro Atlanta Home


In a past blog post, I shared How It Pays to Prepare When Selling Your Atlanta Home, even Staging Tips for a Successful Sale and Why Styling Your Metro Atlanta Home Matters Most, but one topic worth covering for local home sellers is what not to do when staging your home. While it is true that home staging can go a long way, helping to find the right buyer quicker and sell for more money, that is only if it is done correctly.

Below are five things NOT to do when staging your Metro Atlanta home for sale:

Don’t over-design
When selling your Metro Atlanta home, it is key that your property appeal to the vast majority of buyers. And while you may love your bold, red walls or floral wallpaper, you can’t be sure that buyers will. Stick to simplicity and keep your home’s palette neutral— down to the knick knacks too! Pare down any decor that could give buyers the idea of clutter.

Don’t be too artificial
Fake plants, fake fruit on the kitchen counter, and fake flowers on your dining table can give Atlanta area buyers a cold, unwelcoming vibe. Be careful not to include too many artificial elements in your home or it may seem like everything is just for show and no one can truly live in the space.

Don’t adhere to a theme
As I mentioned above, it is important to give your home a simple design that won’t compete with buyer tastes. However, you’ll also want to be careful not to stick to one theme throughout the entire property. You may feel your traditional home calls for formal, polished furniture or your mid-century modern aesthetic should be prominent in every space, but even if you keep the design in a neutral palette, buyers may not be able to envision their own belongings inside. Remember that not every room needs to “match” a theme.

Don’t keep doors closed
Buyers will arrive to your home not knowing where the basement steps or entrance to the attic are, so don’t keep all of the doors closed. The last thing you want is for a buyer to miss a part of your property because the door was shut— keep them open and let buyers explore!

Don’t ignore room size
Have you ever been in a home where the furniture felt too small for the space? Maybe you have a small, round dining table in a grand room or large, overstuffed chairs in a cozy living room. Remember to think about the room’s size when staging and don’t ignore the scale of your furniture. You want buyers to feel as though the home has room for them (IE. open, clear pathways and space to move) and not that their own pieces will not be enough to fill it (IE. small furniture in large spaces).

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